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Join other creatives and find out where your media is used. It's easy to get started. Cancel anytime.


Let our system search Google Images and Bing Images to find where your stolen images are used on the web. It makes image theft discovery easy for you and automatically tracks down copyright infringement to document where your images are found on the internet. It keeps the results, gets rid of duplicates and false positives.

Know where your work is used and if all is in check
If you sell your art, you often don't know where and how it is being used. This is where picMatch comes in. It will help you with:
Attribution Verification

Confirm if partners (models, photographers) are keeping your logo on your pictures and give you proper credit and attribution for your work.

Know where your art is being used

Your image has been used on a product's packaging? On custom cheques? In a brochure? Wouldn't you like to know?

Fight Image Theft

Copyright infringement is ever-growing online and this is why you should use picMatch, to make sure you know if someone steals your images.

Legal proof, kept for you

When finding your image used online, the system automatically takes a screenshot of the web page where the image is used. This can be used legally, in case someone takes down the image, and tries to get away without compensating you.

Automatic Import of your Media

Import manually, or set up automatic syncing with popular media sharing services, we make it easy for you.

Verify your popularity

Knowing how much your content is shared is priceless. picMatch will help you keep an eye on where your content is spread, who is talking about you...

What our clients say

picMatch has been extremely useful for my business, allowing me to track where my photos are being published and also monitor for stolen images. The service has proved to be invaluable, uncovering previously unknown editorial articles that my images have been used and revealed a number of websites which had stolen my content. Thanks to the simple search and reporting process combined with the affordability of the service.

William Harford
Director of Photography
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Image showing how picMatch's User Interface looks on a phone, tablet and computer screen.
Beautiful and efficient UI, Curated results, Augmented Information
Easy to use

We kept it simple and make visual content discovery easy to use, with you in mind.

We remove false positives for you

Stop wasting your time looking at the wrong results. Google, Bing, and other reverse image search engines show you all of the results found, even those you don't want to see, like Stock Agencies, for example, or your website...

Augmented Information

We gather the information required in case of media discovery for legal procedures you may take against thieves.

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Join other creatives and find out where your media is used. It's easy to get started. Cancel anytime.