About Us

Who we are, and our story

Simply put, we are a photographer and his spouse. The project was instigated when the founder, a photographer, but most importantly, a Software Developer for almost 20 years at the time, decided to build his own system, to keep track of where his images are used on the World "Wild" Web. Pun intended...

Reverse Image Search existed at the time, but it was a manual process and since he had hundreds of images to search for, there was no way he was going to do this manually, every month...So he built the system while learning the latest technologies, and here we are today, we have picMatch! He decided that is was too good to keep it for himself, so he made it pretty enough to sell, and started selling it to photographers worldwide.

Meet the team!
We are still a small team, but great things come in small packages!
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Karen Siu
Public Relations & Sales
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Yanick Vallée

We'd love to work with you

When becoming a customer, you help us grow and make the product better. You become part of a community that helps fight against image theft. Feel free to send us your feedback. We love to hear from our customers.
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