How to protect yourself if you are a victim of revenge porn!

Has it happened to you that someone posted compromising images of yourself on the internet without your consent? And even worse, you see the ones you have found but people may have shared them all over the internet. It is impossible, without the proper tools, for you to find where they have been shared, maybe on other social media sites, pornography sites, or else. What do you do in this situation?

Here is what needs to be done. Get a copy of all images that you found, save them to your device or computer, and import them into picMatch, our Image Discovery and Monitoring system. For a small fee, once your images are imported, our system queries Google Images and other search engines. You will be able to see the sites* where your images have been published on the web and take action to have them taken down. With picMatch, you can easily export an excel spreadsheet document with all the results found, to share with law enforcement and whoever else needs that list. The system even takes automated snapshots of the page where the image(s) is/are displayed.

For moral legal support and ways to remove the images found, please refer to the resources on the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative. They explain nicely how to do it.

Visit their website for resources:

Best of luck and we at picMatch, are convinced we have the best service to use to find where your unconsented images have been shared.

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* DISCLAIMER: picMatch retrieves the results from major search engines and cannot guarantee that all pages containing your results will be found.

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