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Clean, fast, accurate

A clean and simple user interface makes it easy to use. The system is built on a highly scalable cloud infrastructure, which makes it fast and responsive, and it can handle an infinite quantity of media and related data.

Our search results come from the major worldwide search engines that you know and like: Google and Bing.

Screenshot showing what the applicaion looks like.
Screenshot of the application showing the match details page.

Augmented Information, Automatic Screenshots,
Data Export, Validation

The system gathers extra information related to the page where your image is found. This can be used in case of legal disputes, or simply as keepsakes.

Automatic Screenshots and Augmented information
Because the page where your image is found may be taken down or the image simply has been removed from the page, the system automatically takes a screenshot of the page, as soon as the match is found.
Data Export
Export your results as needed, as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or in other formats.
Result Validation
The system validates each result to confirm if the image is really on the page. Say goodbye to false positives.
Can it locate an image even if
it has been altered?
Answer: Yes

Even if your image is in color, and its counterpart
is in black and white, it will find it;
Even if text has been added to the image;
Even if only part of the image is used.
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